In 2014 Tierwald e.V. helpt us to adopt 1 of our dogs. We named him Odie and he is from Croatia, where he was in a shelter that kills dogs after 2 months if they are not adopted.
Odie had only 1 week to live at that time, seemed otherwise healthy and I just could not comprehend  that, so Odie came to us.

Odie in the shelter

Tierwald e.V.  arranged it all very well and we are very happy with Odie. To support this association we are sometimes godmother / godfather of dogs and cats who are still looking for a home, we pay their vaccinations and give them a name.
Since 2019 there's a piggy bank in the Nuver Huus for this association that we hope will be well filled by our guests. This association can use everything!

For more info about the association click here: Tierwald e.V. website

Happy Odie

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