Waterpark Linzgau

                                10 minutes

Seepark Linzgau is an adventure park.

You can enjoy Adventure and Football golf, water skiing, there is a beach where you can dive and there is a playground for children.

You can also enjoy a delicious meal at Lukullum am Seepark.

Unfortunately dogs are not welcome in the whole park.

                       20 minutes

This park is a shelter for Berber monkeys and storks. There is also a deer park and a large pond with carp and many different water birds.

All monkeys roam freely in the 20 hectare forest area. You walk through it over a path. You can feed the monkeys, but only with especially given popcorn.

Its not on the website, but dogs are not allowed to enter. Understandable.

Near the Affenberg is Schloß Salem, also worth a visit. There is a nice Christmas market every year.

Affenberg in Salem


                                    0 minutes

There are lot's of forests and walkingareas to explore but the most fun must be the Jacobsroad that passes through Großstadelhofen.

You can follow it until Überlingen or Meßkirch. It's an wonderful area to be walking through.

Here's more info.


                                 20 minutes

This Naturepark is in Bad Salgau.

The new park is layout for you to see and learn about nature, it's not just interesting, but a lot of fun as well. There are roads you can explore using a Segway.

Bad Salgau is a nice little town as well, with a big Thermen.


                             20/40 minutes

The Meersburg-therme is directly on the Bodensee, so you can enjoy the beautiful and panoramic view of the lake and the snowcovered Mountaintops of the Swiss Alps.

As an alternative there' s a Thermen in Aulendorf, the Schwaben Therme, also 40 minuten awayand the Sonnehof Thermenbad in Bad Salgau only 20 minutes away.


                        5 minutes

The Räuberbahn (Robberstrain) connects Pfullendorf with Aulendorf (with stops in Burgweiler, Ostrach and Altshausen) and offers the perfect introduction to the legendary raid country. But watch out, even today the robber rides sometimes!

The excursion trains always start on the Räuberbahn on Sundays and public holidays in the months of May to October and it take your bike for free.

Tickets are immediately available from train staff.

Along the railway, hiking and cycling trails, a variety of excursion destinations and rich gastronomic offerings allow activities for all ages and for all tastes.

In the train there is also a small snack and drink offer for your physical well-being.

Open-air museum

                     30 minutes

Everyone who wants to knw how the landlife in the south of Gemany really used to be, is in the openluchtmuseum Neuhausen ob Eck the right place.

Surrounded by meadows and forests, the open air museum Neuhausen ob Eck is located in a beautiful landscape.

25 reconstructed houses from the landscape Schwäbische Alb, the Black Forest, Lake Constance, Hegau, Baar and Upper Neckar provide a vivid insight into the rural farm life of the past. Their harmonious design gives the visitor a realistic image, as it once was in a farm and in the village. It concentrates on a small village church, farm, school and town hall, department store, blacksmith, pots & pans and fountain on the village square.

The open-air museum Neuhausen ob Eck is alive! Cows, calves, sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, geese and chickens - all descendants of the old pet breeds - animate the museum.


                                 5 minutes

Het Waldfreibad very near to Nuver Huus, out off the village, past the army barracs and there you are.

There are several baths, a climbing wall and a large sunbathing area.

You can easlily spend a whole (mid) day there.

A bit bigger is the Freibad Sigmaringen (20 minutes). This has a large slide.

Bodensee / Lake Constance

                              20 minutes

The Bodensee is a nice and big lake where the German shores give beautiful mountainviews.

From Nuver Huus ist only 20 minutes to Überlingen and it's possible to drive all around the Bodensee in a couple of hours. You'll be driving through Swiss and Austria so don't forget your passport.

There are multiple places where dogs are allowed to swimm.

A daytrip to Mainau alwasy fun. This is an island in the Bodensee with a subtropical climat. Dogs are allowed when on a leash.

You'll find more things to do in the Bodenseeregion here.

Auto & Tractor  Museum

                               20 minutes

An auto & traktormuseum, can that be fun?

The answer is a big fat yes!

And not just for men.

There is so much to see, they have nice events and a very good restaurant.

Kids will have a good time and dogs are allowed, as long as they are on a leash.

Schloß Sigmaringen

                      30 minuten

Hohernzollen Schloß in Sigmaringen is in the middle of town.

The oldest part dates from 1077!

After that it was expanded more and more.

Tip: go with a guide (45 min.), there is so much to tell and to see about this beautiful Schloß.

Dogs are allowed, but do not have access to the entire Schloß.

It' s not allowed to be photographed or filmed on the inside.


                                     1 hour

The Hohentwiel is a ruin which makes a very nice trip.

The castleruins are well maintained and there are regular events in which you are taken back to the 16th century.

The most beautiful is the view, because the castle is located on top of an inactive volcano.

You have to have a bit of stamina, because the last bit of mountain has to be climbed. Not long, but steep.

Europa Park

              2 hours and 20 minutes

Europa Park is a huge amusement park, that's divided into theme parks of European countries.

There are attractions, shows & events and you can stay overnight if you do not have enough of one day. And that chance is quite big.

Dogs are allowed in the park if they are kept on a leash. With the exception of fighting dogs (so-called 'Listenhunde'). Bringing dogs into the attractions and shows, as well as in most restaurants is not allowed. A dog package can be picked up for free at the main entrance. In addition, there are 15 drinking spots in the park

Campus Galli

                     20 minutes

Campus Galli is an incredibly beautiful project where a group of people are building a medieval monastery and outbuildings, in the medieval way.

The St. Gallen monastery plan is unique! Despite the many buildings that were then built, no other building plan from the early Middle Ages is known. It is the oldest still existing architectural drawing of the West. The plan was signed by monks before the year 830 AD, on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance.

The monastery plan with its 52 buildings and many details has a turbulent history. It is made from five parchment leaves. The back was used by a monk about 400 years later to write down the life of St. Maarten. Only because of this story did the plan remain in the library.

Now the plan is used to rebuild the design and you can visit the building project and eat medieval dishes.