Pets are very welcome!

We're not going on holiday without our pets.

But if you want to rent with 3 dogs and 2 cats,  many landlords scratch themselves behind the ears.

We don't.

They are very welcome here. For free and there is also no max, as long as there will be no nuisance for us or our neighbors

There are a few things that are importantto mention though:

It's clear for most people, but sometimes it has to be mentioned; if your dog poops you have to clean it up.


At any time.

I would find it very dissapointing if the neighbors or villagers have to come over to complain.

In the entire municipality of Pfullendorf, where GroƟstadelhofen is part of, there is a leashrequirement. This means that the dog must always be kept on a leash within the citylimits. 't Nuver Huus lays on the edge of the citylimits.

Please keep dogs that are not always nice to other dogs on the leash.

When you know that your dog can't be home alone, please don't go out all day or afternoon without him. A crying, howling or barking dog is no fun for anyone, but for our dogs it is, of course, extra annoying.

They are allowed on the couch or in bed, but it's nice if you use a blanket.

If something should be broken / bitten, please let us know. This can usually be resolved by (travel) insurance.

If everyone takes into account the neighborhood where you are a guest, then nothing stands in the way of a nice holiday with your four-legged friends.

It would be very unfortunate if we can no longer offer this service due to complaints.