Prices & Availability


We've divided the prices into a high- and low season.

The longer you book the more discount you'll receive.

And that's it.

We don't do double pay on holidays and special days. And there are no extra final cleaning- or energy costs.

Simple right?

You can however book a garage for 10 euros per week if you'd like that, just let me know in the application.

The booking includes bed linen, towels, coffee, tea, sugar and the most commonly used herbs. Pets are free of charge.

High season

The high season runs from 1 May to 30 September * and during that time we only rent per week.

That week runs from Saturday till Saturday. Of course you can also come on Sunday or Monday, but  that makes no difference for the price.

                           1 week    € 550.00

                           2 weeks  € 975.00

                           3 weeks  € 1450.00

Low season

The low season lasts from the 1st of October to the 30th of April * and then we also rent per weekend or midweek.

The week then runs from Friday to Friday, a weekend from Friday to Monday and the midweek from Monday to Friday. Of course you can make a request if you prefer to come on other days. If this is possible in the planning, that is not a problem.

                          Weekend € 200.00
                          Midweek € 250.00

                          1 week     € 400.00

                          2 weeks   € 725.00

                          3 weeks   € 1050.00

The arrival time is from 16.00 and the departure time is 10.00 at the latest

* If your booking is in a week of exchange, we will keep the cheapest version for that week.


Here you can see if the desired days are still available.

You can scroll further with the arrows under the calendar.

Is it still free? Send me an email in which the desired weeks or days are stated.

I'll do my best to keep the calendar up to date.

Red = Busy

Yellow = Reserved (so please send an email in case the reservation does not go through)

Green = Free

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